Asgart releases DDR5 memory: starting at 4800MHz with a maximum capacity of 128GB

News from IT House, February 22 Domestic manufacturer Asgard announced today the first DDR5 memory. The product has not yet been mass-produced, and the official said that it is expected to start mass-production when Intel’s 12-generation platform and 600-series motherboard chipset are listed.

According to official information, the voltage of Asgart DDR5 memory is 1.1V, the timing is 40-40-40 , and the capacity is 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Compared with DDR4 memory, this memory can increase the speed nearly 2 times, reduce energy consumption by 20%, and is more stable.

IT House previously reported that Intel’s 12th-generation CPU and 600 chipset are expected to support DDR5 memory. Another manufacturer Team Group has previously announced that it has developed its first consumer-grade DDR5 memory engineering sample, which is being tested with motherboard manufacturers.

Asgart stated that the following CPUs are expected to support DDR5 memory: Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP server processors, Intel 12th generation Core Alder Lake series desktop processors and Tiger Lake-U series (optimized version) mobile processors, AMD’s Van Gogh APU and AMD’s “Rembrandt” series (or 6600U) are expected to support DDR5.