New Vulnerability in Windows 10 allows attackers to crash your PC



A new Vulnerability in Windows 10 has been detected by researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University, it allows allows attackers to be able to crash computers. It seems that Microsoft has no fix for this issue just yet.

The vunerability is effecting the latest versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The issues is related towards the Windows SMB network protocol that connects Windows computers with network drives, printers and other devices. SMB will not not properly handle certain types of data. By creating a malicious SMB device and connect a computer to that will result into your PC crashing.

It is a little unclear how the vulnerability can be exploited as you need to perform this within a local LAN and this be in the same building as the PCs are. However of you have setup an open  DMZ zone on your router or have ports TCP ports 139 and 445 along with UDP ports 137 and 138 you could be vunerable. Other then the crash no data otherwise is compromised.