Intel is lowering prices on its 10th Gen Core CPUs have compiled a list of Intel CPUs with their current and old pricing. It appears that in a span of a few weeks Intel CPUs have become cheaper by 13% on average, according to the data. The website does not mention when the old price was recorded.

Intel 10th Gen Core is still based on 14nm process technology. The CPUs based on this node are manufactured by Intel itself, which means that the manufacturer is not constrained by the supply offered by external foundries. The situation is vastly different for AMD, which relies on TMSC supply and that appears to be severely limited.

The pricing for 10th Gen Core ‘Comet Lake-S’ CPUs has dropped 13% on average. The publication noticed price drops from 10% up to 22% on select CPUs. The 10-core Core i9-10850K has dropped under 500 USD and has become a good alternative to the Zen3-based Ryzen 9 5900X which is a lot harder to find.

Intel 10th Gen Core CPU Pricing (February 2021)
Model Old price New Price Difference
Intel Core i9-10900F 1800 PLN (484 USD) 1600 PLN (430 USD) 11%
Intel Core i9-10850K 2000 PLN (534 USD) 1750 PLN (471 USD) 12,5%
Intel Core i7-10700K 1700 PLN (457 USD) 1500 PLN (403 USD) 12%
Intel Core i7-10700 1450 PLN (390 USD) 1300 PLN (350 USD) 10%
Intel Core i7-10700F 1350 PLN (363 USD) 1200 PLN (323 USD) 11%
Intel Core i5-10600K 1150 PLN (309 USD) 1000 PLN (269 USD) 13%
Intel Core i5-10600KF 1150 PLN (309 USD) 900 PLN (242 USD) 22%
Intel Core i5-10400 800 PLN (215 USD) 700 PLN (188 USD) 12,5%
Intel Core i5-10400F 700 PLN (188 USD) 600 PLN (161USD) 14%


Intel 10th Gen Core CPU Pricing, Source: Benchmark